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Images – complete with tracing and graphics – can be printed, exported to image files, and copied to the Windows clipboard in order to be shared with other software programs.

Analysis results can also be printed, saved as text files, and copied (as text or as an image) to the clipboard.

The contents of the clipboard can then be pasted into software programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

Facad patients can be exported to e.g. a memory stick, which enables to possiblity to share tracings and treatment plans between clinics.

Print report

You can also print analysis results together with images in a combined report printing.

Facad Collector

Ilexis AB also offers a stand-alone program used to collect cephalometry data from multiple tracings, called Facad Collector. This software program is mainly used in University studies and research projects to gather a lot of data for statistic purposes.


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