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Tracing, cephalometric analysis, and treatment planning is performed in Facad with the use of digital images. A digital x-ray image can either be a scanned x-ray film or a digital image file in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, or DICOM format.


An image can be enlarged (zoomed) so that structures in the image can be scrutinized and markers (landmarks) can be placed very accurately.

This is easily accomplished with the scroll-wheel of the mouse or with a key on the keyboard.


Brightness and contrast

The brightness and contrast of an image can interactively be adjusted.

It is possible to optimise the brightness and contrast for a certain area of the image.

The image can also be inverted.

Mirror and rotate

An image can be mirrored in order to have it correctly displayed.

It is also possible to freely rotate images.

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