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Download trial version
You can try the Facad Ortho Tracing software for 30 days.
You can download the installation program here:

Purchase or Subscription
You can either purchase the Facad software with a one-time cost, or you can pay an annual rental fee that allows you to use the Facad software for 1 year at a time, called subscription.

When you purchase the software with the one-time cost, you will buy the latest version of the software with a perpetual license. No software updates are included.

With the annual subscription, you will buy the right to use the software for 1 year at a time. This includes new software updates and support via email, phone or Skype.
This subscription option may not be available on all markets.

User licenses - fixed or floating
A fixed user license is valid for one specific computer and is suitable for a stand-alone or a single laptop installation.

Our flexible network solution is achieved with floating user licenses. These licenses are valid for any computer(s) in a network. A certain number of floating licenses grants usage for the same number of simultaneous users of the Facad software.

Full version or Tracing Only version
We are offering the Facad software in 2 different versions, the full version and a limited version called Tracing Only.
The Tracing Only version is not available with the annual subscription, only when purchasing Facad.

Full version
The full version that contains tracing, cephalometric analyses, treatment planning (simulating movement of teeth and bone segments) with soft tissue prediction and prediction photo.

Tracing Only version
The Tracing Only version is a limited version that does not include usage of profile photos, and no functionality for treatment planning and soft tissue prediction (VTO).
All functionality for tracing, cephalometric analyses and superimposition is included in this version.

Detailed differences between these 2 versions can be found here: Version comparison

You can request prices using the following form:

How to order FACAD Ortho Tracing software
If you want to order the FACAD software, either to purchase it or to subscribe the software (on a yearly basis), you can order the software here: