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Facad is a very powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use software that can be used both for tracing with cephalometric analysis (see Tracing & Cephalometry), and for treatment simulation with soft tissue profile prediction, i.e. planning.

Planned movement
Movement presentation
The graphic symbols for teeth and hard tissue segments such as the maxilla and the mandible, can interactively be moved with high precision (translated and rotated) to planned positions in order to simulate a maxillo-facial treatment.

It is also possible to enter numeric movement values (sagittal and vertical values in mm), when planning movement of hard tissue and teeth.

Planning, i.e. treatment simulation

All planned movement of teeth and hard tissue segments are automatically presented numerically.

Movement presentation

Hard tissue segments can be split into several parts and the use of distractors can be simulated.

Facad enables the possibility to make multiple planning suggestions.

The treatment plans can be followed up by visually comparing them with a post-treatment tracing (superimposing).