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OrthoTrace is the branded version of Facad, offered worldwide by KaVo as an add-on program to the imaging software CliniView™ or as a standalone tracing software.

OrthoTrace was previously sold by Instrumentarium Imaging.

Find a dealer for OrthoTrace

OrthoTrace is sold by the KaVo dealer organization. To find a dealer, we refer to the webpage for KaVo dealers worldwide.

Dealer information

To request for an OrthoTrace user license by a KaVo dealer, please visit the web page License Order Forms. You will need a password to access the order forms.

These forms are meant to be used by KaVo dealers when

  • setting up an OrthoTrace installation internally for demo purposes, or
  • finalizing an end customer installation with a permanent license

You can contact us using the email address

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